“Dreams come true.” That’s how BeBe described her feeling when she finally got basic 8 pairs of Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors.

Several years ago, when she hadn’t stepped in hairdressing industry, her stylist cut her hair by Vern Scissors. That impressed her very much!! Now, BeBe is 25 years old, and decides to make “BeBe” a household name by doing hair. And that’s why she determined to get Vern Scissors with no hesitation.

The end of the story? Not yet!!
Unfortunately, while she was preparing to go to the bank and get the cash, she left her AU$1000 camera in the taxi. She was sad and she started to struggle whether she should get Vern Scissors at this point or not….
“Vern Scissors will make money for you.” BeBe’s boyfriend awoke her by a simple sentence. Suddenly, she realized her career is worth to invest in, and the best way is using Vern Scissors ASAP!!!


So yes, she bought it with a sweet smile on her face because she knew a new peak in her career will come soon.